5-Simple Tips for an Effective Video Marketing Strategy

Effective Video Marketing Strategy


As businesses are focusing on staying afloat, thriving, and succeeding in the current scenario, digital marketing has become more relevant than ever.  A survey of small and medium business marketers and the stats they bring forth reveals that video marketing is the future.

Video-sharing platforms like YouTube has emerged as one of the most important must-haves in the arsenal of marketers.

video marketing is the future

The different video contents that can be created to market businesses are 

Explainer videos which are short videos showcasing products or services, vlogs, interviews, presentations, tutorials, product reviews, product demos, live streaming, testimonials, and video ads.

Before we delve deeper into the strategies, let us have a quick look at a few stats to understand the reach and popularity of video as a medium.

  • 85% of internet users watch online video content. (Statista). 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day.
  • 54% of consumers prefer to engage with video content from brands and businesses they support. (HubSpot)
  • 87% of marketers use videos as a marketing tool. (Animoto) 52% marketeer credit videos as the marketing content with the best ROI.
  • Videos are the most consumed content on social media. (Optinmonster)
  • 88% more time is spent on a website with video content. (Forbes)
  • 8/10 people end up purchasing a product after watching the video of the brand or product. (Wyzowl)
  • Internet users spent an average of 6:50 hours per week watching videos. (Limelight)
  • It is projected that 82% of the global internet traffic will come from video streaming and downloads. (Cisco)

Now that we are convinced about the reach, let us get into the 5 Tips for an Effective Video Marketing Strategy.

Effective Video Marketing Strategy.

Tell a Story:  Your video should tell a story; it shouldn’t be a sales pitch.  Create helpful and informative content such as “how-to” videos, product reviews, interviews, etc. to stay in front of your audience.  Be engaging and be relevant.  Create great content that is unique, compelling, entertaining, and informative.

Have an engaging opening to your videos and then maintain tempo and build interest throughout the video. Share behind the scenes and informal work-from-home team videos, just humanize!!  Make the first 10 seconds count. You should hook the audience within the first 10 seconds.

Consistency:  Have a regular and timely schedule for your videos. Have a content calendar and upload videos regularly.  A regular playlist of well-directed videos will have the audience wanting for more.

Also, share your video-uploading schedule beforehand.  Keep the enthusiasm alive by sharing previews and teasers.  Interact and engage with your audiences by replying to comments.  Use it as a great CRM tool.

Create Brand Videos That Move the Needle. It is not about you, it is about your audience, it needs to be selfless, it should add value to the audience.  Aim for that human connection.  Impactful videos that resonate with a wide audience can bring you a great deal of organic traffic.

Optimize Your Video for Search.  Conduct thorough keyword research and use a highly relevant title incorporating keywords, use video descriptions that are similar to top-performing videos in your niche, relevant tags, a transcript that is keyword rich, and closed captions.

Google’s crawlers (spiders) essentially crawl text to understand what your video is all about. Optimizing not only helps achieve a higher ranking on YouTube but also helps you with Google SERPs.  Another key tip is to host video content on your own domain before sharing it on any social platform.  Share your videos liberally in whichever social networks your target audience is.

A Call-to-Action (CTA)  Always incorporate your videos with a call-to-action button.  Let your audience know exactly what you want them to do. e.g.,  Subscribe, Like, avail a Free Trial, or Answer a Poll.  Consider adding CTAs judiciously throughout the video

Video marketing is the future.  It is also a crowded space.  To stand out, just implement these 5 Simple Tips for an Effective Video Marketing Strategy.

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