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10 Reasons to Include a Podcast in Your Content Marketing Strategy

by | Jul 24, 2021 | Digital | 0 comments

Podcasts are a great way to market your business. Using it in your content marketing strategy might be the type of boost your website needed for a rise in traffic that eventually leads to leads and customers.

In this article, we list ten reasons why you should include a podcast in your content marketing plan.

1. Creating a podcast is simple

You could have needed several expensive pieces of equipment and a modern studio to be at par with the best radio broadcasters in the business some years back. Luckily, times have changed. Content marketing with podcasts is one of the most effective ways to create fresh content with the least effort.

2. The podcasting industry is booming

Your marketing strategy depends significantly on how you present your content. In an era of great content abounding online, you need to stand out. Studies show that podcasting is booming right now. This means that customers listen to podcasts to learn more about the business or organization they are interested in.

3. Podcasts help showcase your expertise

Podcasting, when done correctly, can help establish you as a business expert. For example, your listeners will appreciate your advice on preparing their plants and shrubs for winter if you’re a local landscaper.

4. Podcasting improves your SEO strategy

Creating consumer-friendly quality content is the key to effective search engine optimization (SEO). Blogs and how-to videos are great ways to do that but, to drive more traffic to your website, you can also use SEO strategies that will rank your podcasts higher on iTunes and Google Play.

5. They can enhance conversions

You can turn your podcast into a lead generation tool by adding a CTA at the end of each. It would help to direct users to subscribe to your podcast series or direct them directly to browse your products.

6. Podcasts nurtures leads

Most podcasts provide a series of episodes on a single topic, released over time or at one time to accommodate podcast binge listeners. Let’s say you run a car servicing business. Podcasts could help you provide information to consumers on the most common issues they face when dealing with car repairs. Your business will present its repair services. You’ll move a buyer’s journey naturally and unobtrusively while also building a loyal customer base.

7. Podcasts are super convenient

When people listen to audio content, they can listen wherever they are and whenever they do it – whether driving, exercising, cooking, or waiting for friends at a restaurant. They can listen to their favourite playlist as well, so it’s super convenient.

8. Availability anywhere, anytime

Digital audio platforms and a large variety of devices make podcasting widely accessible. It is easy to listen to them wherever you are. Users can use their phones, computers, and tablets.

9. Time for targeted audiences

Podcast usage is highly variable, much like that of television shows and YouTube videos. If you want to increase your visibility among your target audience, it would be best to align yourself with podcasts specific to your industry.

10. Podcasts captivate audiences

The audience is more likely to create a bond with you if they hear the voice of the presenter. Text cannot convey your emotions. Oral communication allows people to connect with your feelings easily.


Today, content marketing is more than just writing blog posts. Engaging your audience with different mediums is key to building brand affinity and building a robust content marketing approach.

What better way can you do it than a podcast in your content marketing strategy? Now is the time to get started!

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