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5 Effective Ways to Manage Negative Social Media Comments

by | Jul 23, 2021 | Digital | 0 comments

One of greatest benefits of social media is that your customers can speak freely and openly about their experiences with your business. While it is great for your business when it is a positive experience, it could be a disaster if the experience is very bad. The ultimate goal of any social media manager is to control criticism that stems from the business pages or posts they represent. When it comes to social media platforms, brands should be prepared for criticism and negative comments as well.
Briefly, let us discuss 5 effective ways to deal with negative comments.

1. Negative comments should not be ignored.

Even if the comment is not to your liking, you should engage with every comment. Negative comments can do significant damage to your brand’s reputation, especially if you ignore them. Maintaining good public relations is an absolute necessity for growing a brand. Connecting with your audience helps you relate better to your customers.

2. Respond in public.

Always respond in public when responding to complaints on social media. You should share your thoughts and information in the public domain to showcase your brand as straightforward, caring, and helpful. However; sensitive or private information can be resolved in the private chat on the same platform. After the issue has been handled, be sure to make a public announcement to shut the loops in the public spotlight.

3. Prove your point.

You must explain the root cause of the problem and the actions taken by your firm to fix it. Many businesses make a serious mistake by failing to communicate with their customers. When clients are frustrated, it makes the service feel as if it is being provided incompetently.

Give the customers proof of how much work your organization has put in to provide a great customer experience. By doing this, you are helping to make positive outcomes more likely. In addition, it is critical to notify your audience that every problem they are facing is not the company’s fault.

4. Response time should not be neglected.

Irritated customers cannot wait for late responses. Dealing with bad comments should take less than two hours. A rapid reaction lets everyone know that you are concerned about the message, as well as shows that you are sympathetic to the unfavorable perspective being shared.

5. Be polite while discussing the issue.

Customers may express their dissatisfaction with your products or services using social media sites. No matter what kind of complaint you may encounter, you must be prepared to deal with it. It’s indeed critical to realize that the conflict can be ended by your decision. There is no magic wand to assist you to deal with bad comments on social media, but if you want to be prepared for such remarks, it is vital that you remain cool, helpful, and accept personal responsibility for any mistakes.


Social media comments that don’t get a response could only hurt your brand’s reputation. Additionally, this will affect your sales, marketing initiatives, and return on investment. Using the 5 effective ways listed above, you will be able to handle negative comments better and give your brand the status of customer loyalty.

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