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6 Things Content Marketers Should do During the Pandemic

by | May 13, 2021 | Digital | 0 comments

A content marketer is one who takes charge of preparing and distributing valuable content with the goal of attracting and transforming prospective customers into clients and eventually repeat buyers.
Unfortunately, the current global pandemic has caused most brands to reconsider, alter, and in some cases even stop content marketing campaigns.

6 things you, as a content marketer, should do to stay relevant and remain indispensable to your clients.

  1. Think Long-Term: Your content marketing strategies must shift focus on the long-term goals of your clients. It is important to be supportive and sympathetic towards your client. One thought we can dwell on is: How does this present environment change the lives of our clients and how can we be of aid?
  2. Look Around and Change your Approach: If you wish to understand what your clients are going through, you can turn to a member of your own company. Remember that someone around you, a colleague, or their family member is likely to have been affected in terms of their health or economic situation because of COVID. Take their experiences into account and change your marketing tone accordingly.
  3. Empathize: If you are a business that does not explicitly fit into the priorities of your clients during the pandemic, you can still explore opportunities by understanding the thoughts, emotions, and challenges that your client might be facing. Think of how you can make their lives better? Similarly, if you are a company that continues to serve and aid your clients the same way that you did before the pandemic, your audience will learn that they can trust and depend on you.
  4. Keyword Research: What kinds of products and services are in higher demand than they were pre-pandemic? To find this out, you can turn to good old SEO to understand what consumers are searching for and how their needs can be met.
  5. Content that Entertains: If you create content that is both contextually pertinent to your client’s business and also entertaining, clients will come to recognize your content or brand as something that gave them a positive experience amidst the crisis surrounding them.
  6. Qualitative Metrics: You can switch to more qualitative measures of customer engagement over quantitative measures, these would help you get insights on what is working and what is not, and adapt your marketing message accordingly.

“One must govern in such a way that one’s people think they themselves want to do what one commands them to do.” Although the words of Catherine the Great were uttered in the context of war, we can apply them to the context of Content Marketing.

It is important that we always remain one step ahead of the desires, needs, and wants of our clients. We can do this by stepping into their shoes and understanding their hopes and fears, and by becoming masters of empathy.

These 6 things will not only help you to stay relevant and indispensable to your clients but also make you a trustworthy and dependable content marketer in the long run.

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