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8 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn to Promote Your Business

by | May 11, 2021 | Digital | 0 comments

Whether you are looking to expand your business network, manage your company’s online reputation, increase traffic to your website, or discover and cultivate leads, LinkedIn is an incredibly valuable instrument for your business. Even if you prefer to invest more time in other social networks, it is always advisable to create and maintain a LinkedIn page for your business.

This article will outline 8 ways in which you can use LinkedIn to grow your business.

  1. Reach Targeted Customers: LinkedIn has a sponsored content option that helps you reach target customers and generate leads. Although the cost per click is relatively high, LinkedIn delivers a high engagement quality which leads to higher conversion rates.
  2. Hire: LinkedIn is also a great avenue to search for talent near you. You can successfully plan for vacancies in your company by matching your requirements and qualified candidates.
  3. Validate Hires: Not only can candidates read up about your company and the open positions from your LinkedIn, you as an employer can also get information about your candidates through their LinkedIn profile and network. Where have they worked? Who is in their connections? What does this say about them? You can find answers to these questions by just browsing through their profiles.
  4. Understand Your Competition: Want to find out what your competitor company is up to but has no way into their secrets? There is a chance that an employee from your competing company may be sharing their practices, successes, and failures on LinkedIn. Connect with them and learn from their stories.
  5. Build a Brand Image: Candidates and customers alike would like to know about your company before deciding to engage with you. Your work culture, work ethics, and how your employers are treated are some important elements that you can display on your company profile. Be transparent and remember to thank and support your employees!
  6. Build a Community: You can build and manage a group that is relevant to your product or service. Do this not with the intention to promote your business, but to develop a community around thought leadership content. Thought leadership content refers to the distinctive perceptions, experiences, and resources that you have that will inform customers about your product or brand that will build a community based on reliability, confidence, and ultimately loyalty. This will serve as a trusted medium for users to converse with each other and understand your business.
  7. Build Collaborations: Similarly, many companies form active groups on LinkedIn wherein they share their experiences and insights. Sign up for such groups and share your own insights, input, and advice rather than product pitches. As a result, you will gain new connections with employers and customers of a varied range who may be interested in what you have to say.
  8. Build a Loyal Audience: Also, remember to post frequently. Be it articles about your product or service, or updates about your day-to-day business decisions, remember that as long as the information keeps flowing, your connections remain interested.

8 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn to Promote Your Business

Why LinkedIn?

While there are so many social media platforms, why is it that experts suggest that LinkedIn is the most important?

On the very basis, remember that LinkedIn users have significant purchasing power. A recent study conducted shows that 44% of LinkedIn users earn more than 75,000 USD on a yearly basis.

If you have a product to be sold, you are very likely to find new patrons by way of LinkedIn. At least 40 million users are in leadership or decision-making posts and therefore will have the authority to engage with your company should they be satisfied with how you present yourself. With LinkedIn, you can also form strategic collaborations. More than 61 million users are senior-level influencers and thus can help spread the word about your business.

There is more to LinkedIn than that meets the eye, AiPlex helps businesses leverage LinkedIn to grow their businesses.  To know how to, get in touch

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