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Data Analytics & Content Marketing- What’s the Connection?

by | Dec 8, 2021 | Digital | 0 comments

Content is King – But only when interpreted and tracked appropriately. However, many content marketers are still in the process of realizing the importance of data-driven content strategies which can raise the bar for their company.

In today’s fast-paced corporate world content is a blend of creativity and data. While data-driven content can help you understand – how your content resonates with the target audience; data analytics can guide your content creation process.

Data helps content in two ways, i.e., to know post-distribution effectiveness and to create future content strategies. Data-driven content metrics are primarily used for online marketing campaigns and this data is collected through the customers’ profiles to create an effective metric for the future.

What is Content marketing?

It is a marketing approach that helps you advertise your products/services by sharing relevant and consistent content that attracts your target audience. Neil Patel – one of the top influencers on the web as per the Wall Street Journal, suggests these 15 types of content as strategies: Infographics, memes, videos, book reviews, guides, case studies, tutorial guides, research and survey data, opinion posts, CTR on links, product reviews, podcasts, interviews,  numbered lists and e-books.

How does data analytics impact your content strategies?

Generally, marketers prefer a detailed report that shows the effectiveness of their content campaign strategies. Data analytics is an excellent tool for B2C marketers as it helps them create a direct and personal connection with their customers. Other than tracking the effectiveness of the content, data can also guide marketers in the creative process of relevant content origination.

There are three aspects of data analytics that impact the dynamics of content marketing:

Customer data: It consists of all the information relating to the target audience. With the help of a survey, marketers can gauge the words and ideas that are attracting the audience. This report also provides information on audience interaction, bounce rate, parts of content that are grabbing the most attention, etc. But, marketers need to ensure that contact details are always kept confidential.

Financial Data: Financial data is inclusive of sales data, the number of conversions, revenue generated, etc. Financial reports can be used to optimize content generation and to evaluate the performance of content. It can also help in tracking the pricing plan and keeping an eye on the competitors.

Data Analytics & Content Marketing- What’s the Connection

Operational data: This data showcases the operational metrics of your content and its integral because it impacts the present and future content strategies. Operational data provides information on google rankings, click-through rates, etc. It also helps figure out the performance of your content and enables you to tweak your processes for future conceptions.

Data analytics can help generate insights to develop marketing strategies, enhance and build marketing goals, etc., and yet some marketers like to go with their “gut feeling”. With users on the lookout for qualitative sources online, it’s imperative for organizations to adopt data-driven strategies.

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