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Digital Piracy a Great Marketing Tool: Is That True?

by | Apr 30, 2021 | Digital | 0 comments

Does digital piracy really help in promoting films and other digital products? This is an often‑discussed dilemma. There are people who argue that piracy can boost the sales of digital products by increasing word-of-mouth.

@AiPlex we strongly DISAGREE with this statement. AiPlex has been at the forefront of fighting piracy and protecting the rights of content owners and creators.

Let’s burst the piracy bubble with 3 simple and tangible facts:

  • Piracy reduces legal sales: It causes economic harm to creators by cannibalizing sales in legal channels and reduces their economic incentives. And without ROI creators and investors cannot invest in high-quality creative projects.
  • Consumers are at risk: Pirated content is riskier to consume. Consumers are always at the risk of viruses and malware.
  • Piracy isn’t the only way to increase word of mouth: Although free availability does contribute to increasing awareness about the product, piracy is not the only way to make content available free. Creators and right holders can make use of platforms like IMDB, or YouTube, to make a preview of their content available for free.  That will bring much-needed publicity.  Why violate the creators’ legal rights to their content.

So, if you ask us Digital-Piracy a BIG NO-There is no dilemma here.

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