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Effective Strategies for Mobile Advertising in 2022

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It is projected by 2022 mobile ads will make up to 75% of digital ads spend. Considering the latest developments, the best thing is to focus on incorporating mobile advertising strategies for your companies and agencies

Refine your mobile marketing strategy to target communication, achieve performance, reach an audience, and achieve business goals. Nobody understood the potential of mobile advertising when it first surpassed desktop advertisements in 2017

Covid-19 Pandemic has taken the planet to its feet pushing people into their homes, while mobile marketing has taken the next level turn. Previous estimates reported that by 2022 mobile advertising would make up to 75% of digital ad spends. Now looking at transition and holding the statistics in mind, the best thing is to focus on implementing mobile advertising strategies for a company

Speaking of core mobile advertising, we know that it’s more important than ever for any company, brand, startup. It’s vital as the visibility of a mobile ad campaign means it is effective to generate awareness of the brand, drive sales, regardless of your end goal.


Mobile Advertising Explained

Mobile advertisement is ads optimized for smart devices, to put in other words we are speaking about smartwatches, smartphones, tablets in the present sense. Mobile advertising has a high level of performance customization provided by these apps. It has created a method to communicate with customers, brands, agencies, and marketers.

Mobile advertising is effective because of its targeted user device capability, ability to choose the right audience, and ensuring that the message is shared with their devices which is unique to them allowing scope for targeted communication. Thus, it provides the most effective where the probability of response rates can be easily spiked.

Mobile Advertising Styles

  • Pinterest: Awareness campaigns, engagement campaigns, traffic campaigns
  • TikTok: Traffic campaigns, Videos, Display ads, Brands videos
  • Facebook & Instagram: Images, videos, carousel ads, interstitial ads
  • LinkedIn: Display ads, Sponsored in-mail, sponsored content, text ads, dynamic ads
  • Twitter: Promoted accounts, trends, and tweets
  • Snapchat: Snap ads, sponsored and on-demand geo-filters, sponsored lenses

Efficient Tactics for Mobile Advertising

Let us remind you that the demand for mobile advertising is to surpass $200 billion globally. All Major Brands & companies want to reduce their advertising costs, but also ensure their advertising gains maximum leads and sales rely on successful mobile advertising strategies. Besides, the audience is not willing to view ads on their mobile devices, so a host of ad-blocking apps are being used on their smartphone

Here are a few mobile ad strategies’ most effective:

Target audience ads customization – Ad customization for the target audience is an important yet most powerful strategy for mobile ads. We are speaking about personalized mobile ads for devices as each user is unique to their smartphone. Targeted ad optimization is critical to ensure an increase in mobile conversions. With directive creative optimization (DCO) you can build several iterations of ads, targeting them to a targeted audience. DCO will help you get the task done. Such as gender, age, geolocation, type of device, etc.

Mobile-preferred ads – People spend their time indoors & even work from home, thus people are spending more time online engaging in news and video content. The number of strong advertising campaigns has been reduced by marketers at this point. If you want to tap your audience for ensured conversion, mobile ads are a way out. As these ads are aimed at smartphone users you can send users to your mobile landing page and tell them in advance that the URL is mobile-friendly. Mobile ads are providing deals that are accessible via a mobile app, and not otherwise.

Mobile Ads for Ecommerce – For eCommerce brands and similar brands, mobile advertising is very successful. people want a quick and seamless online shopping experience. Even Google highlights shopping ad campaigns and shows them on top of results on mobile devices

Usage of Ad Extensions – Ad extensions are not only a smart way to make a difference in competition but also help to increase Ad CTR. They also help to increase the consistency & CTR of advertisements. if the ads fit you can find more space on the search results page. Make sure that you use the relevant extensions like locations, site links, apps, Price, Ratings, and more

Calling – Many advertisers don’t realize the relevance and value of calling in search of competitive conversions. By enabling calling, you can reduce obstacles for potential customers to call a business. Thus, you can call your target audience immediately, by including your contact number on an ad, and then reducing conversion cost


How can mobile advertising strategies be implemented in 2020?

A few things you need to consider if you want to use mobile advertising tactics

  • Identifying the right target audience in mobile ads is important. Make sure that relevant ads are shown to device users that they are being shown to
  • Ensure your ads are not only intended for promotion, but it should solve target audience problems.
  • Hold your ads lightweight so it can load them onto your users’ mobile devices.
  • Use ads with video content as the percentage of engagement are higher
  • It’s a great strategy if applied to capture the audience’s emotions with your ads.

Reward your ads – How do you apply the reward of your advertising for the love of incentives? You can offer a range of discounts for newsletter signup, free shipping, or voucher. Ensure that your users don’t navigate to other pages and make many clicks to redeem the incentive.


Marketers & advertisers are far away from taking advantage of potential advertising strategies. It’s a moment of rapid transition, with a major shift in customer behavior. With a huge rise in digital traffic, people are consuming digital news, gaming, streaming content. you have a strategy to come up with. The shift to mobile advertising from a desktop is a big move since the future and present are mobile. Make sure to follow steps. ensure the company takes the potential opportunity of conversions for your business.

Get in touch with us to know how we could help to refine your mobile marketing strategy.

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