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GMB for Location-Based Marketing: Do You Use It? Should You?

by | Jul 23, 2021 | Digital | 0 comments

Google search will continue to be the go-to search engine, regardless of how many other search engines come and go. The free Google My Business (GMB) service from Google gives small  to moderate businesses (SMBs) access to tools and services that will help them have a digital presence across search engines and the increasing range of Google services.  These listings contribute to the generation of information for Google’s database on firms and affiliated companies. However, it is more than just a business listing; it is a powerful tool that allows you to realize the rewards of being on Google’s search engine results page.

Google My Business Listings: What is their purpose and how do they function?

The first step is to create a GMB listing, either through identifying your existing page or making a new page and then validating it. To increase the chances of being discovered in search results, you must include keywords, CTAs, frequently asked questions, and relevant photographs and videos in your GMB listing.

Listing your business on Google My Business will increase the visibility of your organization. When you use GMB for location-based marketing, it improves your local ranking on Google search.

In addition to providing a listing of local businesses, it also provides a great deal of information necessary to locate a specific business, such as the following:

• Address & location
• Reviews
• Business hours
• Service offerings, and more

Having GMB listing enables you to link your map to your Google Ads Express account. By adopting a pay-per-click approach in conjunction with using location-based information, one can bring extra attention to your business and make it easier for potential customers to engage with you.

If you’re setting up a website, should you use Google My Business?

Yes, GMB is a free local search tool that provides business owners and entrepreneurs with a better way of managing how their businesses appear on Google Search and Google Maps and contains relevant and important information for visitors.

Before publishing any content, it’s critical to take time to examine what goals you hope to accomplish. Your posts appear on Google Search and Maps, allowing you to stay in contact with potential consumers and keep them informed of your latest news and promotions.

It helps increase your value to buyers by creating testimonials.

A large majority of customers (almost 90%) conduct their business-related internet research using reviews online to learn about local companies. These customers chose the solution only with the greatest number of online ratings. When customers assess your business, GMB is useful for enabling them to submit feedback.

Helps you generate traffic.

Browsing visitors are much more inclined to see businesses when they’re listed on Google My Business, and this drives up their traffic. Your site should take advantage of being seen in local searches.


Improving your visibility on Google Maps may require effort, but the results are likely to be quick. Despite implementing all of the recommendations made, it will still take time for your business to get traction.

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