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How Social Media Marketing Works for Singers?

by | May 12, 2021 | Digital | 0 comments

Taking up singing as a career is itself a journey that requires lots of hard work, talent, creativity, and courage. Creating fabulous music is a work of art. The work, however, doesn’t stop at creation; you also have to get the attention of your audience. Social Media is the best marketing tool to reach out to your audience.

So, let’s take a deep dive into How Social Media can help you enormously.

We all believe in Old is Gold, but sometimes New is what to do! (Dhar Mann)

The above phrase says it all.

Social Media plays a key role in a singer’s career. It helps advertise, promote, and showcase your talent in the digital world. You can easily promote yourself while connecting directly to your fans. A bigger network leads to bigger opportunities. However, you should not look ‘amateur’ on your respective social media handles. Thus, having an optimized and great social media profile that showcases your work is very important. A proper social media strategy is what you need.

Social Media Marketing for Singers:

Social Media Marketing for Singers

Social Media Marketing is very effective to promote, publicize, and attract people to your work. A solid marketing strategy starts with building your presence in the digital world. For, e.g., if you make covers for retro songs, then your posters should highlight that. A better idea is to post about the original singer, and what you feel doing the cover song. Your work can be promoted via social networks including websites, advertising forums, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, etc., which can help you get traffic to your music. Just think, one day your music reaches a top record label, who might contact you and sign up with you, Sounds amazing, right? That is what your social media handle can do for you.

Something to Keep in Mind: It’s extremely satisfying to receive good responses to music you’ve shared on social media, but you have to keep yourself calm if you encounter harsh criticism or even trolls. Appreciate valuable feedback and implement it in your next album/song, etc.

For successful Social Media Marketing, you should follow these steps:

  1. A solid strategy for your social media campaigns.
  2. Keep your personal branding consistent: Your profile and bio should adequately represent you. You can even add a quote you believe.
  3. Find the right social platform for you.
  4. Keep your profile updated with your work. Avoid posting too often or too little.
  5. Connect with your followers and turn them into fans. Do live-stream or respond to their comments at times.
  6. Manage your social media handles. Schedule your posts in advance with the help of online tools.
  7. Be authentic because there’s no room for artificiality.
  8. Inclusive content steals the show. Consider all communities while you are creating or publishing content. Make proper use of it while executing your ideas.
Different Platforms & Their Unique Advantages

Different Platforms & Their Unique Advantages:

There are so many platforms you could choose for, based on your niche.

YouTube for Singers:

YouTube is the most popular music streaming platform in the world. A billion hours of videos are watched each day.  As a singer, a well-optimized YouTube channel is a must-have.

Things you should pay attention to while you create and post content on your YouTube Channel:

Catchy title, e.g., || LAG JA GALE | Lata Mangeshkar| Cover by (your name) || that would look more professional instead of a title like Lag Ja Gale by (name).

A great thumbnail that gives information on what your video speaks about.

Informative and optimized description with the right tags, links to the original music video, and even your social media profiles. You can also make use of YouTube as a personal channel that covers your day-to-day life, shooting, recording sessions, and other trivia.

Facebook for Singers:

Facebook is the largest social media platform globally? According to Statista, Facebook has 2.7 billion monthly active users worldwide. That surely makes Facebook a great opportunity to build a strong fanbase and promote your next single. You can use Facebook is to promote upcoming events and releases. Share the details of your tour, so that people will be aware. Remind them from time to time in Facebook stories. Post relevant pictures from behind-the-scenes, or your workout sessions, #OOTD, etc.

Instagram for Singers:

Instagram is the fastest growing social network particularly.  71% of the billion monthly active users on the Instagram app are under the age of 35. Instagram users spend an average of 53 minutes per day. With the new addition of reels, you can create and share entertaining videos. Mostly popular for the visual representation, you can keep your followers know about what you are up to, or even do live-stream and talk with them and answer some of their questions.  A shout-out is what your fans crave for, so spare some time from your work-life, and appreciate your fans for being a part of your journey.

Social Media Marketing for Singers

Twitter for Singers:

Popular mostly for short texted content, Twitter is also helpful to get traction to your site. Your fans can retweet your tweet that would help in building your fanbase. It is also useful to find like-minded people to talk to, or get advice for what you are doing. Use relevant hashtags, which allows people to search for you by typing that hashtag.

Spotify and SoundCloud for Singers:

Music publishing platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud allows you to upload the music, and make it available for the public. You can also share your Spotify playlist with your fans, which will help you connect with them. A good idea is to re-share your own old music as a playlist in your social media profiles, which will keep your work alive no matter what.

Scheduling and Managing Your Social Media Posts:

Once you covered everything that is required, now it’s time you work smart. Let me help you understand it – Imagine you have successfully finished the recording part of your album, and planning to release the poster. Instead of posting it on all the platforms manually, you can just download an app, and schedule the timing of your post and the platforms. Hootsuite is one such app that is used to schedule, optimize and publish your content. There are a few more; research and chose the one that works for you.

Consider help from Digital Marketing Agencies:

If you want to focus on what you do best, i.e., creating fabulous songs, hire a digital marketing agency to help you with the social media campaign. Result-driven digital agencies like Aiplex Digital help young singers/musicians/artists just like you. They have the right expertise and experience to conceive and execute high-performance campaigns and help you reach your audience.

To get in touch with Aiplex, click here.

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