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How to Produce High Quality Content for Your Website?

by | Jul 23, 2021 | Digital | 0 comments

Every year Google alone processes more than 1.2 Trillion searches on the internet. So how can companies ensure their web pages rank up in the top result for relevant search queries? For the internet, content is still the King when it comes to ranking web pages for search results. However, the way it ranks content has drastically changed over the last decade. In the earlier days, it was all about having the right search keyword density and placement within the content and ensuring that the content is plagiarism free.

Today, search engines like Google have tweaked their ranking algorithms through innovations in AI and machine learning to ensure that the content piece of the highest quality ranks in the top of the list for search results. Having good quality content is essential for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and will be the basis on which your web page will be ranked across different search engines for search relevant results. Now comes the million dollar question- how can companies create high quality content? Before we answer that, there needs to be a clear understanding of what high quality content means in the world of SEO.

High quality content is not just about creating a perfectly written piece of textual information that is grammatically correct. From an SEO perspective high quality content is one which encompasses all or a majority of the following 3 elements:

Promote Awareness

The content should have an educational value that helps target audience understand the core subject addressed in the content. It could be about a brand or their product or service or it could be about the industry which the brand operates out of.

Shareable Information

For search engines, a critical factor deciding the ranking of a content piece is the possibility of the content being shared further in the internet landscape by readers. The target areas for sharing include social media, other public forums, and websites. A high-quality content would convince readers to spread the word about it on their social channels. So, content which is shared on social channels after being read by users on the web page automatically contributes higher ranking points for the webpage where the article or content piece was originally published.

Generate Interest through Engagement

Content published on a webpage is often done to help readers or potential customers make a decision to associate with the brand that promotes the content. The web page needs to have valuable content that is able to generate significant interest from readers who would ultimately express interest in exploring further like responding to a “Call-To-Action” statement or fill a form to let the brand contact them.

Now that you know what high quality content from an SEO perspective is, here are 4 tips to help create the right content for your web pages to rank better on search engine results.

Do your research

Research well before creating content. See what competitors are publishing and also identify topics to write about from what top forums and websites in your operational domain are currently discussing. Make sure you leverage information from only trusted sources and as a practice ensure that you give due credits to original sources when referencing claims such as statistics or visual elements directly from their content.

Add your own flavor

It is not a good practice to simply re-word content that has been written by someone else. If the content piece is about your specialty area of business, have some subject matter experts contribute their views about the topic and you can tweak the content with your own unique views supported by their knowledge. Another great option is to pick a section from another content piece and elaborate on it by adding information and factual opinion from your leaders and experts. This will help narrow down focus of the content for readers.

Structure well

Make sure that the content created has a well laid out structure that takes readers from start to finish in an educational flow. Do not create gaps in the context being discussed or stress on irrelevant subjects that takes the attention away from the core subject. Add relevant media like pictures or animations or even embed video within the content to make the content more engaging.

Eliminate Risk through multi-level reviews

Ensure that you set up a core review committee within the organization. It needs to be comprised of subject matter experts, decision makers for the organization and relevant leaders in different departments for which the content may be promoted. They should all review and agree to the final content before being published as it adds trusted credibility to your side.

Having high-quality content on your website is the best way to gain organic web traffic to your site via search engines. Our tips should help you decide on making the right choices for content on your website to guarantee better search visibility. If you have questions, feel free to write to us and we will surely help you out with the answers.

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