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Learn How to Write Catchy & Effective Headlines?

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Digital | 0 comments

On an average, 8 out of 10 people will read your headline and only 2 out of 10 will read the rest of your content.

Your headline is the first and perhaps the only impression you make on a prospective reader.  It will decide whether your reader will choose to read further or move on.

Write your headline first

Do you want to write a great headline and even better content? Start with your headline first; headline is a promise that you make to your readers.  It clearly tells them why they should spend their valuable time reading your content.

Pick the essence of the subject matter of your blog and craft a blockbuster headline out of it.

Keywords Matter (Search Engine Keyword Research)

Keyword research is a magical free and low-cost option to peek into the minds of your target audience.  When you figure out which keywords your target audience is using, you attract more readers, shares, likes, retweets, etc.


Would it not be great if your blog post gets tweeted thousands of times and shared all over Facebook? These 5 headlines below
5 Most Effective Headlines

  • How to…
  • Listicles
  • Why…
  • Will make you ….
  • The testimonial….

The “How to” headline

How-to articles and blog posts are some of the most shared, linked, and bookmarked content online.  Because people have busy schedules, they look for quick fixes for their problems.  They seek out tips, techniques, secrets, tricks, methods to solve their queries.   Thus, it is a great headline to use for your article or blog.


  • How to make friends and influence people?
  • How to lose 10 pounds in a month?
  • How to be millionaire?
  • How to be Happy?

The Listicle Headline

Merriam Webster defines a listicle as an article consisting of a series of items presented as a list.

With an average attention span in the online space being about 8 seconds, the listicles by specifying a fixed number of items promise easy-to-skim content.  This is another headline that could make your article get more attention.


  • 5 countries to visit before you turn 40.
  • 10 must-visit places in Bangalore.
  • 10 top SUVs in India below 20 lakhs.
  • 10 things you should never tell your girlfriend.
  • Top 10 superbikes in India.

The “Why” Headline

Starting off your post with a headline starting with “why” at the beginning is straight forward way to convey the benefit of reading your article. The “why” headline is reflective of long-tail keywords that your target audience uses to find a solution.  This headline could be very voice search-friendly too.


Why is my laptop slow?

Why is the market falling today?

Why is the sky blue?

Why do we get dreams?

The “Will Make You” Headline

As per BuzzSumo’s most-shared headline study,  “will make you” topped the list as the most‑shared headline phrase.

Interestingly, it is a linking phrase, it neither starts nor ends a headline, rather it simply states the linkage between the content and the potential impact on the reader.


  • This song will make you
  • Drinking wine every day will make you
  • Walking up 40 stairs a day will make you
  • Punching someone in the face will make you

The Testimonial Headline

Honest and enthusiastic testimonial headline can do wonders.  Firstly, it endorses somethings with social proof. People generally would like to know what others think or feel and these headlines cater to such needs.


  • Quite simply, the finest SUV in India.
  • This is by far the best mutton biriyani I have had in Bangalore
  • This exercise regimen worked for me; it can work for you too!

Learning how to write great headlines is critical for becoming a successful content marketeer.  Practice writing headlines, experiment, and see what works.  It is now your turn to create spectacular headlines.

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