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Lockdown Lessons: 4 Content Types That Users Really Engage With

by | May 25, 2021 | Digital | 0 comments

The unpredictable public health crisis and the lockdown led the whole world to a halt. Businesses were forced to quickly figure out and plan alternative ways to operate in this unfamiliar situation. Some were closed temporarily for months, while others moved indoors in no time. Work from home became the new normal. Every sector was affected, but at the same time, some businesses were quite adaptive to make it to their benefit.

4 Content Types That Users Really Engage with During the Lockdown:

According to Statista, people are spending more time on social media following the lockdown (with a 44% worldwide increase in social media use). Businesses need to have a content strategy to attract and engage the audience even if the priority is not to sell. There are content styles that help you to reach your audience during this time.

Community Content: In the time of crisis, people are more likely to cut down their expenses. Businesses need to empathize and show the human side. This is not a time to give offers and lure your audience to buy. Build trust with your audience by lending a helping hand to those in need; let empathy be a priority rather than commercialism. Many businesses took the initiative of creating awareness about COVID-19. This has been impactful for the audience and also helps businesses build brand affinity.

When you share your story of the lockdown, and how you as an organization have helped people and communities around you, your audience will relate to it and connect with you.

Educational Content: Educational content always steals the show. They add great value to your brand image while engaging and guiding your audience. As the lockdown was in force, many people continued their education remotely. Content for students and professional skills courses were made available by many brands during this time. It greatly helped learners to pick up new skills. For e.g.: Coursera has made some of its courses free for learners across the globe. LinkedIn has also seen high engagement in content worldwide.

Tutorial videos can also add value to your brand when you share certain valuable tips with your audience. A ‘how to’ video will immediately get the attention of your audience, and in return, it will help improve your brand reputation.

Content Types

Spread Positive and Entertaining Content: It’s important to keep yourself positive, especially in times like this where anxiety and uncertainty are all around us. As a brand, you can create some fun segments with your audience regularly to light up their mood from all the negativity that is going around. It can drive the audience to your social media profiles. Work with influencers who already have the base for entertaining content, and engage with the audience with collaborations. It will give your audience some relief from reality and help them stay positive.

Omnichannel Content: With the spike of content engagement online, businesses need to be available on all the platforms where their audience is. The objective of omnichannel content is to provide your audience a seamless experience while browsing or purchasing goods across digital platforms. It fulfills your customers’ needs whether they are offline or online buyers.

The pandemic has made digital presence even more important for businesses. These tips should help you create content that engages and entertains your audience whilst conveying the message that you care for them.

Have you tried these content types on your social media? If yes, how was the response?

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