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Social Media Branding For Leisure Industry in 2022

by | Nov 2, 2021 | Digital | 0 comments

Hey, did you know that as of 2021, at least 25 million brands worldwide are actively using Instagram to engage with their targeted demographics?

Now that we have your attention, let’s talk about the hottest, buzzing keyword in business nowadays — social media branding. But why should leisure and entertainment brands care about social media? Here’s why:

A recent study by Livemint has found that the average human being spends 5.5 hours daily on their phones, 50% of which is spent browsing through social media apps. What do these stats indicate? Brands have a higher chance of reaching and communicating with customers one-to-one via Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter than via newspaper ads, radio, and TV commercials.

That said, let’s check out a few seasoned social media branding tips for leisure & entertainment brands.

Be More Diverse With The Content

If the end goal is to increase engagement and spread brand awareness, then why just post the same old posters and infographics on every platform? First things first — try out strategies that work on different platforms and create a social media campaign accordingly.

Let’s take Facebook as an example: It helps you pull in engagement from people of all ages. Facebook also offers tools like live streams to communicate with your audience personally. Whereas Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and similar platforms cater to the millennial/Gen Z audience. Thus, increasing the variety, or creating specific content for different platforms/demographics is how social media branding is done right.

Make Your Audience Feel Loved

Leisure and entertainment are all about providing good times and fun experiences, so why not make it a core part of the social media strategy too? Here’s the secret — the most successful online campaigns include the audience’s direct involvement.

For instance, Fox Studios set the bar high for entertainment brands when they engaged with their community through Facebook campaigns. During the Glee promotions, the studio hosted a “Gleek of the Week ” event wherein the weekly winners were shouted out from their official page. The public response to this wholesome initiative by Fox was overwhelming; the official Facebook page of Glee had crossed a followers count of 23 million.

Social Media Branding

Make The Most Of Influencer Marketing

Leisure brands are progressively using influencer marketing as a core part of their social media branding strategy and it works every single time.

Collaborating with social media influencers — YouTube travel vloggers, Instagram food bloggers, or A list celebrities, to name a few — helps you reach a fresh, new audience and build a trustworthy relationship. Marriott collaborates with YouTubers from time to time to celebrate their business milestones and appreciate their customer base. Recently, the brand shared a clip of their one-millionth customer dancing in happiness in a travel vlog by YouTuber Jeana Smith, which was viewed, liked, and shared by over four million people.


Social media is the best option for leisure and entertainment brands to revamp their branding in today’s post-COVID atmosphere. However, the tips mentioned above are merely the tip of the iceberg we call social media branding. There is no limit to how creative you can be; the more original and engaging it gets, the more eyes it pulls in.

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