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ToFu, MoFu & BoFu Explained for B2B Marketing Companies

by | Sep 22, 2020 | Digital | 0 comments

Picture this!! You publish an article that looks and sounds amazing, it picks up traffic, and you receive emails from your subscribers. You are awesome!! 

This, my friends, is what we call a successful content marketing team story.

But are all the efforts and spending going to pay off?

If you are amongst the 39% of marketers who track the ROI of their content marketing, you are doing a fantastic job. Everyone should do this!

But there is no point in monitoring data if you cannot access a document with simple content results.

In this article, I will help you choose the right content marketing metrics for your company.

Objectives of TOFU (Top of the Funnel), MOFU (Middle of the Funnel) & BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel)

Content has unique goals through a buyer’s journey (top of the funnel, middle of the funnel and bottom of the funnel), so you need to deliver the right content at the right time of the funnel to achieve the best metrics.

There are two things you need:

First, get access to a detailed metrics dashboard like Google Analytics, Search Console, Pixels, Data Studio etc. Second, you need to ensure you achieve specific objectives at specific stages.


Objectives/Goals of ToFu content

  • Create Awareness – To grow your business, you need to reach new markets and attract a steady stream of new visitors.
  • Branding Initiatives – Propagate your brand name and establishing authority.You may also have other objectives depending on your company and the historical data. After these targets are met, you also need to concentrate on your buyer persona.
  • The ToFu content based on growth in traffic is not relevant to your business. – Analytics
  • I can bet turning those visitors into paying customers will be almost impossible. – Analytics
  • To understand how the content marketing activities are doing on ToFu follow these metrics. – Analytics
  • New visitors – The formula is easy; more traffic is equal to more marketing activities. – Search Console 
  • % of new visitors – Try to maintain a right balance here. On average, there must be no more than 68% new users on your site, if your number is higher or lower, you have to find out why. ­– Marketing Pixel
  • New direct visitors – The number of people who know and those who are looking for your brand. This is the most profitable source of ‘organic’ traffic.
  • Branded search – The number of people coming through a branded quest. This measure demonstrates the effectiveness of all your marketing efforts. It is always not the greatest winner, but the best-known winner.
  • Pixeled audience – For remarketing purpose, build your audience.

Objectives/ Goals of MoFu Content


In the center of the funnel, the main obstacle is to turn “problem-aware” prospects into leads.

Focus on two goals: Drive visitors back to your site and turn visitors into leads.

For your nurturing campaigns, you have to deliver leads. Brands are most successful when generating leads produce 50 % more revenue at 33 % lower cost.

Track these metrics to know if you are doing good at MoFu:

Visitor recency – How many visitors return to your site? This is a clear sign that the quality of content is top-notch and satisfies your needs if visitors come back. If the number of visitors is too low, you can concentrate on two aspects

  • Improving the quality of content
  • Build website links so that you get a better SERP score.

Returning direct visitors – They are returning visitors who are searching for you. Get visitors to your site with engaging and meaningful content that creates interest.

Leads generated – How many leads do you generate? This aspect is maybe a little more nuanced. First, you need to explain how you generate leads and, second, set up target tracking in GA.

You know your business better than anyone else. Use metrics if you want to delve deeper: raise the retargeting list, click blog banners, and even share.

Objectives/ Goals of BoFu Content


A few buyers would switch to sales, by reading a wonderful post. B2B brands are to track customer journey in the funnel, from the first visit to conversions.

The main aim at BoFu is to turn those leads you captured earlier into loyal customers.

The key metrics to be tracked include: 

Conversions – This is the primary number of your metrics.

How many people are leaving your offer/demo page – You need to work to improve the offer/demo page. It is a good opportunity to increase your conversion rate by optimizing these pages. The vast majority of visitors leave the pages without any intervention.

Content that creates clients – By identifying the forms of ad buyer is liable for, will solve future marketing problems. Your PPC team will also help to get more traffic to these sites.


Big data and a lot of different metrics can be overwhelming and can waste your precious time. Decide the path of content marketing efforts by focusing on three or four primary aspects at each funnel point.

It is the beginning of the chosen metrics. What do these numbers mean, and what activities impact changes during the funnel? You need to understand the analysis.

If you gather data after a few months, you will start seeing trends and your new plan will be easier to prepare. Now you will start to understand exactly where and when to maximize.

Imagine – You see much improvement in your ToFu metrics after working hard for two months. Traffic is rising, the brand’s volume is skyrocketing, but your conversion rate is dropping. You can display the trends and find a solution to bring in specific traffic that converts.

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