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Traditional Vs Digital Marketing: the Great Indian Dilemma

by | Jul 23, 2021 | Digital | 0 comments

As far as marketing strategies are concerned a one-size-fits-all formula does not really exist for a country as diverse as India.

Many small businesses struggle with deciding the right kind of marketing strategy. In this article, we will help you choose the right strategy for your business.

To clarify the terms, the use of ads in newspapers, magazines, flyers, TV, radio, and billboards are some examples of traditional marketing. On the other hand, marketing using digital technology including websites, social media, and other digital mediums are examples of digital marketing.

Why is there a dilemma in the first place?

When we look at the demographic composition of India, digital marketing alone may not be able to meet all the marketing goals. A recent report indicates that television continues to be the dominating medium in India. As per the report, by 2022, the average time spent on TV viewing by an Indian adult will amount to 203 minutes a day as compared to 117 minutes per day of digital viewership, which means the TV will still remain the dominant media platform.

Traditional marketing does not facilitate interaction between the brand and the user, it is comparatively expensive, and the success of a campaign cannot be measured accurately.

Digital on the other hand is more interactive, non-intrusive, connects more at the personal level with the users, far cheaper than traditional marketing, and the success of the campaign can be measured with reasonable accuracy.

An optimal mix of both is the way out of the dilemma. Use both digital and traditional marketing strategies; traditional for those markets segments that are still primarily non digital.

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