Experience a new and crisp form of video entertainment from YouTube.

YouTube Shorts

Shorts is a shorter version of YouTube. It allows creators and artists to shoot short and catchy videos using just a smartphone.

Creators and artists can leverage the incredible power of smartphones to effortlessly create and publish high-quality content on the #1 video sharing platform on the web.

You can express yourself in 15 seconds or less with Shorts.

BETA Version to be Launched in India: The early beta version of YouTube Shorts is launched in India. New creation tools and features will be added to improve the platform before it is released to the global community. Why India? You might ask, and the answer is, India is home to one of the biggest mobile markets in the World, plus, TikTok, which is a popular short-video sharing platform got banned in India. 

Following the ban of TikTok, Instagram introduced a similar option in the form of Instagram Reels, and now it is YouTube’s turn.

YouTube Shorts

Here is how Shorts works.

Create Your Video: Pull out your smartphone, point it at the direction you want to shoot, and you can either hold the record button continuously or press the button once to start recording and press it again to stop recording. It is that much easy and fun.

  • You can also string multiple videos together.
  • You can also record music from a large library of songs that will keep growing.
  • You can also control the speed of your videos.
  • You can also set a timer and countdown for hands-free recording.

Get Noticed: YouTube is a very influential platform where 2 billion viewers join in every month to laugh, learn, and connect. YouTube has enabled creators to build entire businesses, and now it is time for the next generation of mobile creators to take that stage.

Watch: If you are an audience who loves bite-sized entertainment content, Shorts is just for you. YouTube has added a new row on their home page especially for Shorts, click on the row, and swipe vertically (up or down) to discover more short videos.

If you want to learn more about creating Shorts Click here