Digital Strategy Agency in Bangalore
Digital Strategy Agency in Bangalore


In this complex digital ecosystem, building brand awareness, increasing customer engagement and driving sales or repeat purchases requires a data‑driven digital marketing strategy.


Audience data is at the heart of our digital marketing strategy here at AiPlex. We develop a data-driven market strategy with actionable insights after sifting through and analyzing data collected from various digital touch points. During which, we work very closely with our clients to get as much perspective and insight as possible.

We help you answer key questions, including:

  1. KPIs – What does success look like? What should you be tracking and measuring to evaluate digital performance and Return on Investment (ROI)?
  2. Audience/Persona – Who are your target audiences and where do they hang-out on various digital platforms? What are their needs and behaviors?
  3. Competitors – Who are your competitors? How can you use digital marketing to get ahead of the competition?
  4. Channel mix – What is the best digital media channel mix to ensure an effective and cost-efficient result that aligns with business objectives and KPIs? How do you map different media channels with the consumer decision journey? What is your optimal paid, earned and owned media budget?
  5. Content – What content should you develop? Do you have enough content to attract and engage with the right audience? How can you use audience data and insights to develop content and customer messaging?
  6. Roadmap – How do you implement your digital marketing strategy for an ongoing success? What does a short-term and a long-term plan look like? What is the best way to govern a digital roadmap?